Electronics Board

Motion Graphics


An electronics event required a promotional video for social media and digital marketing. Most of the participants for the event would be students from my college and nearby colleges. The challenge would be to make an impression in the person's mind as they would have seen promotions for dozens of other events.


2 weeks


Illustration, Motion Graphics, Animation


I thought of creating a simple, clean and short animation to capture the audience's attention without keeping them waiting for too long. The animation is just interesting enough to bring about a sense of curiosity among students.


Adobe Illustrator

Adobe After Effects

In the final animation, the crane would bring in the missing component which would bring the board to life. So it was essential to make it as noticeable as possible. Synchronizing the crane's movement along the isometric angle was the most crucial part. Any slight deviation, the animation would look weird.

My experience as an electronics engineer helped me designing these components. I had access to all of these items and carefully analysed their shapes and features before designing them in illustrator. Creating circular isometrics were especially tricky and took the most time to build. The hard work eventually paid off and a realistic 3D illustration all adds up to the final outcome.

Bringing all the components together, the final composition looks like the image on the left. To give the board a more realistic feel, wires were embedded on to the board and made slightly transparent. Shadows were applied to the fixed and falling components.

Final Animation