Google Design
Challenge 2020


This is a design exercise I completed as part of the hiring process at Google. I was given two problem statements to choose from and had to present my solution using the UX Design process. I took this opportunity to demonstrate my design skills as opposed to research. My submission is still under review, and I will update the result as soon as possible.


1 week


User research survey, sketching, wireframes, High fidelity mock-ups, user flows


I spent 3 days on the research phase of the project, refining my design goals. The remaining time was used to create sketches, final designs, and the presentation needed for the challenge.


Google Forms
Adobe Illustrator
Invision Studio
Google Slides

“Ok, Google”

“Show me Adhvik’s submission to the design exercise.”


"Your school wants to improve the upkeep of campus facilities by creating a new system for reporting any facilities that may need maintenance or repair. Design an experience that allows students to report building or equipment issues on campus. Consider the process of those filing the report and of those receiving and taking action on the issues."
Why I chose this prompt,
  • Faculties and staff are really helpful, it would be easier to get information quickly.

  • Arizona State University has a large campus, there are bound to be some issues in facilities management.

  • A plan popped up in my mind the moment I read this prompt, so I decided to pursue it.






After a couple of iterations on paper, I decided to convert them to wireframes. This allows me to visualise my features in an organized way. I used Adobe Illustrator because I’m most familiar with it.

As discussed in the sketching and ideation phase, all requests are rerouted by the “Internal Management System” depending upon the campus selected. 
The table sorts requests based on urgency, and users can schedule work tasks directly from this section.


I followed ASU's brand guide, fill in all the visual content. The finished designs would look something like this.

User Flows